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Wheelchair Swings needs to be found!

I'm good and building things, but not very good at the computer! I've been making the wheelchair swing for about 12 years and I love it, but getting people to know the handicap swing even exists is like learning some kind of dark magic. I've studied how a lot of other inclusive playgrounds have listed thier swings for people in wheelchairs and see that they are all over google images. I have no idea how to increase my rankings. Someone told me I need to get people to see my site (of course), so this blog was the first thing WIX told me to do, so here I go! I'll let you know how it works or I may just have to hire the next robot that calls me and asks if I want to increase my google rankings for my wheelchair glider swing. Wow. Did you notice how many keywords I forced into this blog? I feel kinda cheesy for doing that, but that's supposedly the ways of the world.

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